Short love poems
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Short rhyming love poems

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First Love

I'm sorry, I'm sorry that i hurt you.
I never meant to do the things i done.
I've never felt like this before, It hurts me more then it hurts you, Because i regret it everyday.
Please let me back in your life, I swear i will never hurt you again, I'll be good.
by Short Rhyming poem by Tina
at 2010-10-20
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How do you know your in love

Are you in love...

when you wake up an he's the first
thing on your mind
by Rhyming short love poems by Amanda
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 4.50
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Love him

You love him...
Your parents don't...
you get back together,
your parents choke...
by Short Rhyming love poems by Lost Angel
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 3.00
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He says he cares about me
And thats the only form of love that he knows
What does that mean...
by Rhyming love by SuicidalHaze
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 4.00
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Love the First Sight

The first sight that, I saw you in the night.
You were beautiful as the moon. And bright as the star.
I saw you in the dance, and my heart beat as you move.
My knee trembles with fear.
by Short rhyming love poems by Chia Hung
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 5.00
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My Love

My love for you is bold and true,
It is a compassion that burns with desire.
When you are away from my grasp,
My heart beats loudly in my chest,
by Rhyming poems love by Nicholas J Godfrey
at 2010-10-20
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Rhyming Love

My heart said to your heart
That I am in love with you
My true love and my darling trust me
just try to understand my soul
by Shrt rhyming by Ali Baqiri
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 3.00
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To love

To enjoy a simple summer breeze
While it caresses your cheek
Is to love another with such ease
And be touched by one so meek
by Short poem Rhyming by Tabzitha
at 2010-10-20
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True Love

Love is not a question
Love is not a guess
It lies just beneath your breast
Open in your body
by Secretbella954
at 2010-10-20
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