Short love poems
06.02.2016 / 05.17 am
by Short poems of love by Hanna
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Love is a feeling that makes you want to fly,
Love is something that opens your eyes
to the beauty in the world
and lifts your soul up high.
Love swirls about inside of you,
turning your stomach with calm unease.
Love is knowing that no matter what,
you will always love.

Love is kindness and commitment,
the dedication to another's happiness.
Love is amazing.
It has the power to give hope,
to change lives.
People spend their whole lives
searching to find something I already have.
True Love.

Love is all that I see,
when I look into your eyes.
Love is all that I feel,
whenever we touch.
Each time we kiss, I feel the spark of love.
You have shown and given to me,
the power of love.

My love for you will always be within my heart,
like a single glimmering star, it will forever shine.
Even if at times, you should be unable
to see it clear,
know that it will always be there.

I love you.

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