Short love poems
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Short love poems

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I found my new love

I found my new love
who really cares for me
like i care for him
is something that i can't explain...
by Poems short by Erika
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 3.11
Votes: 9

I lOvE yOu.......and it's just for real

I love you
and there's no regret i feel,
for in my heart there's only you
and i do believe that it's for real.
by Short love poems by Krisma quijano
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 4.18
Votes: 17

Love spell

You tricked me into playing your little love game.
at first i was rejecting and already decided you were all the same.
but it only took that look and a single kiss to reverse my decision.
you had that incredible touch that made me shiver.
by Love poems by Jmari
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 3.00
Votes: 2

Love You Forever

I love you forever
I like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be
by Short poems by Im walking on sunshine
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 3.38
Votes: 8

Our Love Is True

Some people thought of tearing us apart,
And some people even had it down to an art,
But no matter what they say,
He and I will be together always.
by LuvstruckChild
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 5.00
Votes: 1

Real love

You'vehurt me without realizing
But I don't care
Because ill always know that youA?A???ll be there

by Short poems by Paige Dahtler
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 4.00
Votes: 4

Secret love

I love him from my heart;
but he doesn't know.

I think about him everyday;
by Short love poems by Brandonkate
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 3.33
Votes: 9

Suicide death of an abusive love

She has eyes like an angel
Yet they are full of pain
The tears are streaming
Like cold April rain
by Short love poems by Amber
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 4.86
Votes: 7

To trust in love again

Love taught her heart how to fear
A roller coaster life
Always rising up above the sky
And just like gravity
by Cassie
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 0.00
Votes: 0

What is Love

Love is a feeling that makes you want to fly,
Love is something that opens your eyes
to the beauty in the world
and lifts your soul up high.
by Short poems of love by Hanna
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 5.00
Votes: 5

Why I Love You

I love the way you look at me,
when you sit across the room.
I love the way when we are apart,
you say we'll be together soon.
by Short love by Zmsbandgeek
at 2010-10-20
Rating: 4.27
Votes: 11